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“Shaping the Sonoma-Mendocino Coast —

Exploring the Coastal Geology of Northern California”

For the curious, here’s a compelling examination of the complex processes involved inside our planet which began eons ago. With an introduction to “Deep Time” and the Geologic Time Clock, geologist Thomas Cochrane provides a detailed yet approachable overview for the layperson of how and why the Sonoma-Mendocino region’s coastline appears as it does today—with all its fascinating oddities.

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“The Earth is a book and, with the proper tools, we can read it.”

— Thomas E. Cochrane

CA Professional Geologist (License #6124), The Sea Ranch

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Thomas Cochrane authored a feature article for the Press Democrat which was the lead story in their Outdoors section, “Daytripping to some of the coolest rock formations along the Sonoma-Mendocino coast” (including a gallery of 10 photos).

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“Sonoma Land Trust has long known the Sonoma Coast as a special place to be protected. With his expertise, sense of curiosity, and investigation, the author came to know this place in-depth and has shared with us its story. It is a true gem to have this resource as a guide to understanding the forces that have shaped the land as we now see it. And the Road Log is an invaluable asset to our knowledge of the coast.”

— Dave Koehler | Executive Director

Sonoma Land Trust

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